I am here to:

+ de-stress your day
+ ease your anxieties
+ and slap your worries and fears in the face (metaphorically, of course)

Basically, I want to make your life as easy as possible.

I’m not going to try and fit you into a little box. Do what feels best to you! Impromptu whims? I’m super flexible! Let’s get spontaneous!

Photo-related or not, I’m here to button dresses, do up your bustle, bring in emergency coffee, bobby pins for days or even look up fancy porta-potty companies for your backyard wedding if that's what you need! (Yes, I've really done that before!) You name it — I’m here to help however I can. ;)

I am here to de-stress your day, ease your anxieties, and slap your worries and fears in the face (metaphorically, of course). Basically, I want to make your life as easy as possible.

Accommodations? Anything I can do to make your day more awesome! You just let me know what i can do!

So, what can you expect?

Kristen K

"We used Mariah for our engagement photos and they came out so perfect. We hated our wedding photos done by someone else and plan to re enact them with Mariah. She took our worldly visions and made them a reality. I could not be more grateful for our beautiful photos and will never use anyone else again!!" 


kind words

I want to make you so comfortable you forget the camera’s there. You’ll feel so relaxed you might just get a little too familiar… ;)
I’ll do both posed and non-posed shots (keep Mom and Grandma happy), but will stay away from the prom poses, no worries! No awkward, robotic stiffness. I mix it up to get the best of both worlds but your comfort is always my top priority. 

The real trick is the shots in between. When you’re not looking, not thinking, just being two hot lil’ peppers. That’s when I snap the real emotion, the raw stuff like the booty grabs and the smiles that tell your whole love story. I want you guys to feel and look as natural as possible. And I know...you're probably thinking: "but we're so awkward!"...literally everyone says that to me and I promise you- you won't look awkward! I got you ;) 

My grooms always go straight for the booty...

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