I am here to:

+ de-stress your day
+ ease your anxieties
+ Give hugs and smiles whenever needed & make you feel awesome all day!
*REMEMBER: I got you! ;) 

I"m Here to make your life as easy as possible.

I want to make you so comfortable you forget the camera’s there. Everyone says that are awkward with photos but I promise you won't think you're awkward when we're done working together- I got you!! 
I’ll do both posed and non-posed shots (keep Mom and Grandma happy), but will stay away from the prom poses, no worries! No awkward, robotic stiffness. I mix it up to get the best of both worlds- we'll have you look a little bad ass but also super natural and in your elements. Your comfort is always my top priority. 

The real trick is the shots in between. When you’re not looking, not thinking, just being two hot lil’ peppers. That’s when I snap the real emotion, the raw stuff like the booty grabs and the smiles that tell your whole love story. I want you guys to feel and look as natural as possible. And I know...you're probably thinking: "but we're so awkward!"...literally everyone says that to me and I promise you- you won't look awkward! I got you ;) 

I want to make you so comfortable you forget the camera’s there. 

about my process

Finding that photographer whose work really resonates with you is one of the most important decisions you will make for your special day. There are a ton of wedding photographers in Cleveland. I'm not the cheapest photographer but I know you'll absolutely love working with me and you won't have to worry about not hiring a good photographer being one of your biggest wedding planning regrets. It's a thing. Make a post on Facebook and ask your friends and family what they wish they could have done differently from their wedding- I bet most of the answers will be that they wish they would have paid a little more for a good photographer or hired one at all. Don't let that be you! You have a lot to think about. I get it. We’re talking about the down payment on a car or a sweet ass honeymoon. Bali, anyone? But what we’re really talking about are memories worth a lifetime. We’re talking about one day re-lived for a thousand days. Photos that you will have forever and can show your children and your grandchildren. 

You’ll find out pretty fast that I’m no good at selling myself. I don't like sales. I'm bad with words and I don't like talking about myself. I just want to help you and try to put things in perspective. Here’s the real deal: in a marriage there are no re-dos...(well...generally.) Photos are your one shot to hold on to your wedding day forever. I know what this day means to you and I’m bringing everything I've got to you and your wedding. 

Photos may be the biggest investment you make for your wedding.

Not your 401k but let’s be honest…it’s an investment all the same

Couples (Engagement, Anniversary, Just Because), Maternity, Pregnancy Announcement, Proposal & Seniors. These sessions vary on time but generally last from 1 to 2 hours and vary in location and outfit changes. The sessions include at least 50 fully edited images hosted on an online gallery where you have access to download the digital files and purchase prints.


Starting at 3 hours of coverage. Limit of 30 people in attendance. Number of photos will vary. Images individually edited in my signature style + delivered in an online gallery where you and any guests may download the images + order prints. Timeline/ planning help. Fill out the contact form for more customized info! 


Hours of wedding coverage vary based on the collection. Collections may include a complimentary, engagement session, fully edited images (amounts vary by collection) hosted on an online gallery where you have access to download the digital files and purchase prints. Please fill out my contact form for more details!


Nesha + Michael

I watched her do another wedding and she was amazing... she’s SUPER professional and very thorough! She takes THOUSANDS of photos. Our wedding was in Jamaica and she traveled with us. She shot some amazing shots of us and our families. The photos are truly unbelievably breathtaking. Her prices are reasonable and affordable, even to travel! She does weddings, engagements, maternity, etc. My husband and I even did a more personal session with her before our wedding. She made us feel comfortable and relaxed during the entire session. Please visit her website and book with her, you’ll be glad you did!


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