I’m letting you fill in the blank because I want to give you everything. I give everything to my couples: my attention, my time, my best, my all. I'm dedicated to delivering your dreams to you because I care about you and your people! 

I’m your storyteller of moments that have no words. I'm your _______ (your fill in the blank!) like: favorite photographer in all the land, hype girl, best bonus bridesmaid, calm needed presence...

Hey! I'm MARiAh!

Wedding and Portrait Photographer in Cleveland, Ohio.

Photos can be more than just snapshots of a moment frozen in time. They can be a reflection of the honest emotion that lies beneath the surface. As a photographer, I am most inspired by the kind of photos that tell a story - the ones that are like your favorite book come to life and reflect the joyful, cozy, messy, warm feelings you get from your every day life. It's the photos that capture the beauty in imperfection that really speak to me. The photos that make you feel like you’re right there with them, sharing in their joy, their messy, their love, their not so special and extra special moments.

It’s those moments in your every day life that make the best memories and the best photos. In the end, it’s not about the perfect shot or the perfect pose. It's about capturing the real, raw, honest moments of life - the ones that are messy, imperfect, and utterly beautiful. It's about finding the beauty in imperfection and the joy in the everyday. Because when you can capture that kind of emotion in a photo, you've truly created something special.

You know when you’re so in the moment that time stands still? Yeah, those are the moments I live for and the ones I climb over tables to capture.

You know when you’re so in the moment that you actually feel like you’re time traveling, looking back on yourself from the future? Those are the milliseconds I live and breathe to snap and give back to you to relive forever. 

It’s a tough thing, holding timelessness and presence in my hands. But this is what I believe photography is all about. 

Timelessness in the moment 

One day. A handful of hours to be with the most important people in your world, say I do, eat some cake and live out a million magnificent moments. 

Don’t settle for anything less than the best pictures of your memories. Your photos are the single most important part of your wedding- besides the love, of course. Even if it’s not me who takes your photos (but I sure hope it’s me). It matters that much. You want the best photographer in Cleveland for YOU!

I’m going to give you photos that people will cry over. Photos that look like the end of a movie. Most of all I capture the laughing, shouting, crying, collapsing with ecstatic exhaustion kind of emotions. And I will take care of you like you are family. Because by the end of everything, you will be.

You didn’t settle for each other. So why settle when it comes to capturing that beautiful love you’ve found?

Don’t settle


Looking to tie the knot in Cleveland but feeling overwhelmed by the planning process? Don't worry, friend, I've got your back! My ultimate guide on how to get married in Cleveland is here to help you navigate every step of the way, from planning your bridal shower to finding the perfect venue to saying "I do" and even the honeymoon! Whether you're a local or planning a "destination" wedding, my expert tips and insider knowledge will help get your planning gears turning. So grab a cup of coffee (or wine, I don't judge), get cozy, and let's plan your dream wedding together in the land.

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One of my favorite things about photography is the way it can capture the beauty and emotion of a moment. It's the way a photo can freeze time and allow us to relive a moment long after it has passed. When I look at my own photos, I am transported back to those moments - the ones filled with love, laughter, chaos and joy. I want to transport you back to those moments to in your life.


Photography has the power to move us, to inspire us, and to make us feel deeply. It allows us to see the world through a different lens and to appreciate the beauty in the seemingly ordinary moments. And as a photographer, I am honored to be able to capture those moments of raw emotion, honesty and love for you.

Kristen + Michael

"Mariah is simply amazing!! She was not only our photographer for our engagement shoot but she felt more like a friend! From the very beginning it she was extremely responsive and got me so excited about our shoot! She offered ideas and was really flexible even when it came down to changing our engagement shoot date. She has an amazing Pinterest page with outfit inspiration and that was so helpful and actually gave me a few ideas for our shoot! Her pictures were exactly what we were looking for- playful, editorial, and fresh! Both me and my fiancé were kind of nervous because we’ve never done a photo shoot like this before. She has the best tricks to get you out of your comfort zone and really capture the best photos! Two days after our shoot I was able to get some sneak peaks and I was amazed! LOOK NO FURTHER FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS! She is simply the best!!!"

kind words

I’m passionate about inclusion in photography. 

Growing up as an Army brat and seeing the cultures and colors of the world as a young person showed me the beauty of diversity from a young age. As someone in an interracial relationship and with a bi-racial babies (You want to see a thousand photos? JK I won’t do that to you. Unless you ask…) I want to showcase the whole wide world of love in all its forms — ethnicity, culture, sexuality, you name it. 

I’m a people lover. All people. Basically, I’m like the cheesy Miss America girl who just wants world peace ;) !!!

The true diversity of human love is not represented as it should be in wedding photography.

For All Humans