Well...I’m the type of person who always puts my shopping cart back to the rack because it’s just the right thing to do. I love to read, particularly YA with any hint of romance (I’m a sucker for paranormal and sappy stuff…Twilight anyone?). I’m a momma to the most beautiful little boys in the whole world (pretty sure I can objectively say that). I’m also the type of person who cries at every wedding, but you’ll probably never catch me in the act, lol. I’m more corny than funny. And speaking of corn, I have over 20 food allergies, including lettuce...like…what? Crazy, I know. But I’m trying to live that gluten free, dairy free life like it’s going out of style (that is, when I’m not cheating and eating whatever I want...which happens a lot too)! 

stick around and get to know a little bit more

So what am I really like in real life?

I always had a disposable camera on me when I was in middle school. Then I got my first “real” camera in high school and I never stopped trying to capture the realness and the rawness of moments. But when I figured out that I could turn my obsession into a career and turn those pure, unrefined moments into memories and legacies I pretty much had a heart attack. I remember that unexplainable “Aha moment” that my grandpa gave to me. I am on a tireless search to deliver that same feeling and sense of being seen to you.

I still remember a photo he took of me when I was young. He printed it out in an 8x10 photo and it was like being seen and known and captured forever in a moment in time. I wanted to give that same gift to others. So the obsession with photos began. 

My grandpa was an artist and maker

photos for life

+ I'm passionate about diversity, another thing that probably stemmed from my military upbringing. I feel so very blessed to have grown up going to schools around army bases because I was exposed to so much diversity. I want to continue that and be able to make connections with people of different ethnicity, culture, sexuality, you name it- I'm just a people lover, all people. I'm like those cheesy Miss America girls who just want world peace. <3

Number two

+ I was raised an Army Brat...which I think started my love for traveling, even though I hated changing schools. 

Number one

+ I wish I could travel around the world every day, I studied abroad three times in college in Scotland, China and Poland and had some of the best times of my life!

Number five

+ I wish I could travel around the world every day, I studied abroad three times in college in Scotland, China and Poland and had some of the best times of my life!

Number four

+ I love squirrels! Weird...I know.

Number three

+ TATTOOS! I've been in love with tattoos ever since I was about 12 or so and somehow talked my mom into letting me get my first one when I was 16.

Number eight

+ I adore anything with a bohemian or hipster vibe (I think I was a gypsy in another life too).

Number seven

+ I'm not a fan of stereotypes.

Number six

+ I love giving gifts! If giving gifts was a love language that would definitely be mine.

Number eleven

+ I'm really into natural products: beauty, cleaning, etc. I'm a bit of a product junkie so if you need some makeup or skin care suggestions- I got you ;)

Number ten

+ I love essential oils! My diffuser is going non-stop.

Number nine

+ Some of my favorite movies/ shows: Twilight, The Notebook, Harry Potter, Remember the Titans, Hocus Pocus, Revenge, Game of Thrones, This Is Us and just about anything Marvel.

Number fourteen

+ I use way too many exclamation points, I know, I try not to but I just can't help myself!

Number thirteen  

+ I want to remind everyone, especially girls and women how beautiful they are...so be prepared for lots of compliments from me, hot stuff!

Number twelve

some random facts about me